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Nonetheless, all of this has a history; It was at the end of the 19th century when the United States began hiring laborers for the construction of its railways. Consequently, thousands of people from China began arriving by boat into the United States and Mexico (mainly to Guaymas, Ensenada and Mazatlán).



Thereafter, a number of these Chinese laborers stayed in Mexico and settled near the border; Some, of their own accord and others because they were refused employment at the railroad. Gradually, communities consisting largely of these minorities began to broaden, forming what is now known as “Barrios Chinos”. Among the most popular is “La Chinesca”.



Subsequently, the Chinese demographic began to multiply, resulting in the adoption of Mexican lands as their new home. In order to generate income and stimulate their economies, they began introducing their cuisine in vast quantities of restaurants. What ensued were Chinese restaurants at almost every street corner. This is where Mexicali’s Chinese food culture was born.



Despite being a food that originated in another country, Chinese cuisine is a classic staple in Mexicali, characterized as being among the best in the country. A trip to Mexicali wouldn't be complete without enjoying this culinary delight.

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