We are near a new period but knowing life’s uncertainty; you might not have the opportunity to plan an elaborate getaway or vacation in this new time frame. We invite you to enjoy Mexicali’s lovely landscapes, disconnect from the routine, and visit historical places in the Baja Californian region.

Whether you come from Tijuana, Tecate, Ensenada, or anywhere else, we recommend that you follow these recommendations before getting in your car:

  • Don’t start your journey exhausted. Get a good night's rest the day before.
  • Always carry spare parts and components to do essential maintenance to your car.
  • Check your car's tires, lights, oil, antifreeze, brakes, and gas.
  • Charged your phone in advance to take photos of the landscapes you will come across.
  • Create a good playlist with songs that always make you sing and inspire you to be unplugged.
  • Make a list that will help you escape from reality during an enjoyable road trip to Baja California.

Do you have everything ready? Then it’s time to go! Whichever route you choose to follow to get to Mexicali, you will be able to come across magnificent landscapes, such as the breathtaking La Rumorosa highway. This rocky road full of curves and lookouts is located on the 2-D Tijuana-Mexicali federal highway. Its name refers to the loud whispers that intense winds generate when colliding with the large stacked rocks, forming natural monuments. You will find viewpoints with parking spaces; take advantage of these areas to capture and enjoy the scenery.

Below are our recommendations on what to eat in Mexicali when you arrive!

Pez Gallo is one of the best places in Mexicali to try if you are craving seafood. The restaurant has various fresh dishes such as tuna slice, pink habanero aguachile, octopus tostadas, sushi, among other delicacies. The eatery follows all COVID-19 protocols for indoor dining and has its beer and delicious cocktail drinks, so cheers! Find more information on the restaurant’s Instagram page .

Do you prefer red meat? No problem! The restaurant Asadero Acatlán de Juárez has plenty of roast beef, tripe, cabeza (cows’ head), tongue, barbeque and quesadillas (with A LOT of cheese, in case you were wondering). Acatlán’s flavors, sauces, tortillas, and everything else is perfect in every way! Before heading over to try some of its delicious food, make sure to check your car and follow our road trip recommendations. See their mouthwatering photos by visiting their Instagram page .

Once you've eaten, it's time to get off the road and go for a walk. The temperature is quite pleasant at the beginning of April, perfect for walks around the city. Locate the different points of street art that Mexicali has, and that should be visited more often. For example, La Chinesca, is a space full of culture, history, art, and secrets. We challenge you to take a great photo, tag us on Instagram to see it, and share your experience in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

Do you want to feel safe during your visit? Read our publication We’re in the Yellow! Not Too Green to Flood-In or Too Red to Be at a Standstill.

You will need more hours in the day to get to know the unique places in our city. Mexicali is surrounded by a calm, relaxed atmosphere, with many outdoor spaces, craft beer, desserts, and other unknown spots that you will gradually discover. Take advantage of your days off to jump on your car for a road trip to Mexicali!

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