In Mexicali we are aware of the indications provided by the State Government and authorities, below we share the measures that are being carried out, so that you feel all the safety and confidence of traveling when staying in one of the hotels of the State Capital.

  • Use of face masks in common areas.
  • Antibacterial gel dispensers in the different areas of the hotel such as entrances, elevator, reception, lounges.
  • Sanitary filters: infrared temperature control, antibacterial and sanitizing mat.
  • Room keys disinfected.
  • Social distancing between each person of at least 1.5 meters (6 feet) in all areas.
  • The cleaning of rooms and areas is carried out with products that eliminate possible germs.
  • Doors will be operated automatically or by a receptionist to avoid contact with the handles.
  • The washing of towels, sheets and bedspreads have a special washing process to eliminate any germs and bacteria.
  • The drying of bedspreads, towels and sheets is by means of a higher temperature than that used previously for prevention and guarantee of sanitation.
  • The room service staff will wear a mask, face mask and protective gloves.

In Mexicali we want you to feel safe in each visit, that is why the hotels are taking the necessary measures so that as a guest you have a safe stay.