Besides being a successful and talented singer and actor, Alan Estrada is a traveling vlogger who has shared his expeditions around the world for more than ten years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel was suspended. However, now that things have become a bit safer, Estrada has sought to explore the beautiful corners of Mexico. This clever decision to continue making content inspired him to visit Baja California and enjoy the beauty of the capital city of Mexicali.

It’s important to note that currently (since early April 2021), Baja California is in a yellow tier. This means that, without lowering our guard, we are ready to receive and assist guests, and together, relish in all the remarkable experiences our city has to offer - just as Alan did during his stay in Mexicali. Take into account that we don’t want you to risk your health (or the wellbeing of others) and therefore ask that you hold off on traveling if you have underlying health conditions. There will be time for everything. However, we will keep moving forward with the appropriate preventive measures and adequate steps taken to protect you and your loved ones.

Through his YouTube channel “Alan x el Mundo” and his social media channels, the content creator shared all the incredible things that visitors can do during their stay in the Baja Californian region. From its exquisite food to the many outdoor activities that the valley provides, which in many cases, the majority of locals are yet unaware of. In Alan's own words, this has been “the best trip of his life”: a three-week road trip through our beautiful peninsula, starting in Mexicali and ending at the tip of Los Cabos in Baja California Sur.

Want to know what Alan did in Mexicali during his stay? Here it goes!

  • Firstly, he stayed in a traditional accommodation at one of the most popular hotels in our city, Hotel Araiza. The location impressed him, from its modern style, cleanliness, and COVID-19 protocols to its excellent location.
  • Later that day, he took a walk through downtown Mexicali, where he had the opportunity to enjoy the colorful local creations, such as murals and urban art that decorate our city.
  • One of the best-kept secrets in Mexicali is La Chinesca, a neighborhood that is home to about 15,000 people of Chinese origin. The landscape is a space full of myths and legends, secret passages, and many other wonders that have been discovered here throughout time. If you are a fan of “Instagrammable” places and in search of the ideal photo for your profile, this is a must for locals and tourists to visit.
  • After going from place to place, it was finally time to eat. Inspired by La Chinesca and following the local traditions (like the fact that there are more than 300 Chinese food restaurants in Mexicali), there was no better decision than to visit China House. Alan was surprised by the delicious dishes, quality, variety, and large portions; and was significantly satisfied and full of energy to press forward with the trip.
  • The sand dunes in Cuervitos were Alan’s next stop. A perfect place to burn calories and enjoy the sunset. Here you can also learn to sand-board, slide, or simply have fun soaking it up in the sands of the vast deserts. Cuervitos is the global headquarters for sand-boarding. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset. These dunes have also been the set of several films and ideal for taking photos and going off-roading.
  • ● Your visit to Mexicali is not complete unless you try a local craft beer. The brewery Cervecería Ícono is located in the old factory of another well-known brewery, Cervecería Mexicali. Alan savored tastings of this Baja California elixir. Also, this space would not be complete without some regional gastronomic dishes to fill that little hole in the belly.
  • Finally, Alan enjoyed the beauty of the salt flats of El Salar. A perfect grand finale to end his Mexicali trip. Located an hour south of Mexicali, the place intersects between the Colorado River and the Sea of Cortez. The water evaporates, leaving only salt, hence the name El Salar. This natural paradise will allow you to take incredible photos during mornings and afternoons.

Just like Alan, you too need to visit Mexicali, discover these beautiful places, enjoy its culinary creations, and experience real utopias. If you want to see how Alan x el Mundo's experience was, take a look at his video.

Thanks, Alan, for placing Mexicali in your world!

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