No two beers are alike and brew after brew we have yet to sample their countless varieties in search of the perfect one. Indisputably, craft beer has become an increasing trend in recent years, but in addition to being a “fad”, it has developed into a highly specialized industry in the Baja region. With over 30 craft beer producers and a production of roughly 108,000 hectoliters (equivalent to 7% of the total national production), Mexicali has become a symbol of these Baja Californian elixirs. And if you still haven’t stepped into the craft-lovers’ culture, now is the perfect time to start!

In the last edition of Copa Cerveza MX 2019 (a professional and amateur beer competition for the country), Mexicali was awarded 22 medals in a crowning achievement that was recognized on a national level. This triumph was possible thanks to a number of local breweries including Fauna, Legión, Urbana, Puerco Salvaje, Lover, Gato Gordo, Averno, Brew Capital, Toy, Coralillo, Ballesteros, Ejidal, Icon and Ensemble - breweries that you can’t miss on your next visit to the city.

There’s a technique to brewing quality craft beer- an art all its own. The act of labeling a beer as "craft" implies that it has its own recipe, a specific formula comprising everything from the selection and quality of the ingredients to the preparation, process, dedication and signature touch that only a true Chachanillan (person from Mexicali) can give.

An important point to consider is that craft beers have no artificial components. The fermentation is 100% natural and the flavors that emerge are derived from precise combinations of varying ingredients and distinct touches that add aroma and consistency.

Moreover, indulgence in craft beers encourages entrepreneurship, guarantees the economic flow in local commerce, generates employment and revenue, increases tourism and allows a reach for international recognition. 

When visiting a tap room and aren’t sure what to ask for...

We’ve provided a brief reference guide for a better idea on ​​what to expect:

  • IPA: copper in color, full-bodied, fruity touches and flavors, with a high flavor of hops and malt. 
  • PALE ALE: a lager of European origin, caramelized and with nutty flavors and spicy hops. 
  • STOUT: a dark beer featuring strong aromas, robust and malty flavors, and high alcohol content. 
  • PORTER: a dark beer with a malty, toasted and chocolate-like flavor.
So, again we ask, where can you find good craft beers in Mexicali? Look no further than the 14 recommended tap rooms listed in our blog. Look no further than the 14 recommended tap rooms listed in our blog.

How many have you tried? Visit us and enjoy the Mexicali experience!

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