Constant cleaning as well as sanitation in the facilities of the Mexicali International Airport, in addition to the proper protocols for both employees and passengers will be carried out to provide security in the terminal. We share the measures to take into account for you as a safe traveler:


A brief health check is performed on passengers arriving in Mexicali, while passengers traveling to the interior of the country through the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) are asked to fill out the Risk Factors Identification Questionnaire for Travelers, in case of not having it filled out before arriving at the Airport.

  • The use of face masks is mandatory.
  • Travel companion is limited unless they are justified cases, such as people who need assistance or minors traveling alone.
  • At the departure and arrival, there are health controls by means of thermographic cameras and digital thermometers.
  • To dispose of masks, face masks and gloves, there are specific containers.
  • At the access to the terminal, there are disinfectant mats.
  • Maintain a healthy social distancing of 1.5 to 2 m (at least 6 feet), at the point of inspection, migration, documentation lines, embarkation and disembarkation, baggage claim.


  • Common use spaces: restricted access in play areas and lactation areas.
  • Acrylic separation: at documentation, information, immigration, car rental and other counters.
  • Antibacterial gel: dispensers at strategic points such as public areas, offices, shops, etc.
  • Documentation and migration desks.
  • Waiting room. Benches with separation.
  • Aerocares and commercial premises.
  • Baggage claim bands.
  • Inspection points.


  • Use of gloves in passenger contact areas.
  • Mandatory use of mask and transparent mask.
  • Temperature measurement before entering working area.
  • Obligation to confine to symptoms of Covid.

Taking care of ourselves in these times is everyone's obligation, it is very important to do so when traveling, both for visitors and locals and thus be able to travel with greater safety. We remind you to always wear a mask, which is very important, wash your hands frequently or use an antibacterial gel and, most importantly, keep your Healthy Social Distancing at all times. Mexicali will be waiting for you!

References: Covid-19 containment measures. Recommendations of the Government of Mexico and of the competent national and international entities and organizations in health and air transport matters (WHO, ICAO, ACI, IATA, among others). As well as measures promoted by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency and the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transport.