Both local and international health authorities established recommendations and guidelines so that all places have the best personal hygiene measures in any work environment, in the same way we remind you that at the moment open restaurants only operate at a maximum of 30% of their total capacity, we recommend that you first book the table at the restaurant you plan to visit.

  • The entrance and exit of the place will be through different doors.
  • Temperature measurement for both staff and guests.
  • Sanitizing mats at the entrance.
  • Antibacterial in different parts of the premises.
  • Use of face masks and masks by staff.
  • Continuous cleaning of the premises, surfaces and objects.
  • No accessories on the table or decorations.
  • Minimum social distancing of 1.5m.
  • Frequent hand washing at every change of activity.
  • No more than 10 people per table.
  • Preferably digital menus.
  • If you want extra sauces or dressings, it will be given in an individual portion.
  • The preferred method of payment by debit / credit card.
  • The assembly of the table will be in front of the client.
  • In buffets, there will be staff to serve diners, a plastic barrier for sneezing, and covered trays.
  • Frequent cleaning of bathrooms.
  • Restricted access to children's area.

Taking care of ourselves is everyone's obligation in Mexicali, and we wait for you so that you can enjoy the best dishes, excellent service and great hygiene measures for your comfort and safety.


General information about the «Mesa Segura» program.