20 April, 2021

The Ports Are Wide Open

The Calexico-Mexicali border crossings are running trouble-free
20 April, 2021

One Brew After Another

Don't wait for hearsay! Sample Mexicali’s craft beers for yourself!
13 April, 2021

Chinese Food, The Mexicali Kind

Surley at some point you’ve heard the expression "Chinese food, the Mexicali kind", reason being that indeed a large part of Mexicali’s culinary influence is rooted in it’s oriental heritage. Hundreds of restaurants offer original Chinese cuisine and in some places you’ll even come across Chineese-Mexican fusions.
13 April, 2021

“El Ciempiés” The Trail To Explore In Mexicali

Some of the most notable features of Baja California are their safely regulated hiking trails that make it an ideal destination to practice this outdoor activity. One of them is the breathtaking “El Ciempiés” route of Mexicali.
13 April, 2021

The Mexicali Valley Museum, A Journey Through Time

Founded 13 years ago by agronomist Ezequiel Benítez, the Mexicali Valley Museum is where the first settlers to the region are honored.
5 April, 2021

Mexicali in Alan’s World

YouTuber Alan Estrada from the channel “Alan x el Mundo” experiences the Valley of Mexicali.
4 April, 2021

We’re in the Yellow! Not Too Green to Flood-In or Too Red to Be at a Standstill

The epidemiological stoplight changed to Yellow for Mexicali. What does it mean, and what is open to us now?
4 April, 2021

Jump on Your Car and Visit Mexicali!

Enjoy a pleasant road trip in Baja California, on your next vacation.
6 January, 2021

Guadalupe Canyon, a Treasure in the Middle of the Desert

We recognize that now is the time for us to stay home due to our current global health crisis, but soon enough, we’ll be traveling, exploring and discovering some lesser-known yet spectacular destinations. One of these destinations is Guadalupe Canyon, a natural wonder in Mexicali, Mexico.