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The Mexicali Valley Museum, A Journey Through Time

Founded 13 years ago by agronomist Ezequiel Benítez, the Mexicali Valley Museum is where the first settlers to the region are honored.


Upon entering the Museum (which includes a restaurant), you are immediately immersed in a setting akin to that of being in the old west; with artifacts ranging from the early 20's to the late 60's. Particularly, agricultural machineries for planting and harvesting corn, wheat and cotton.

The museum offers the people and families of Mexicali an entertaining display of their heritage and roots. Within, you’ll find the Museum’s restaurant where the main dish is their famed "menudo". You will also encounter the Pueblo of "Oro Blanco", that is to say “White Gold” - a reference to the cotton that was planted in the Mexicali Valley several decades ago and contributed greatly to their economy.

Oro Blanco was originally a fictional town fashioned by engineer Ezequiel which was made up of various sites alluding to the old west, such as a hotel, saloon and bakehouse. It’s adorned with vintage carts and original artifacts used by the pioneers of Mexicali, bringing history to life and generating greater interest to tourists and local visitors alike.

The development of this museum provides a momentary window for the public to live and feel what it was like to be alive in that time period. They are presently open to both local and incoming US visitors, who are fascinated by the experience and equally delight in their savory menudo.

You now have a new route to visit with your family on your next trip.

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