You don’t have to miss Mexico anymore. There’s nothing like Mexicali’s mouthwatering tacos, beer and the pleasant vibes to remind you how fortunate it is to live near the border: giving you the best of both worlds. Although we’re still amidst a pandemic and must not lower our guards, keeping in mind that we’re now in a yellow tier, allows the return of a wealth of activities .

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After all, the crossroads between these two countries are relatively uncomplicated. If you’re second-guessing a trip due to the pandemic border hassles, there’s no longer a need to fret. They’re resolved! In an effort to boost the economy, expedite waiting times, and encourage tourism to our city, the Mexicali border crossings into the United States (both vehicular and pedestrian) were redesigned for better flow and logistics. Thus, they are ready for operation.

What are the access points for entry and departure?

The region has three ports of entry that are open, organized and well-structured in order to facilitate an effortless crossing between the nations:

  • Calexico East – New Mexicali: Open from 6 a.m. at 12 a.m. with direct access to State Highway 7.
  • Calexico West – Central Mexicali: Open 24 hours a day with direct access to Cesar Chavez Boulevard and Imperial Avenue, which connect to Highways 98 and 111.
  • Andrade-Algodones: Open from 6 a.m. at 2 p.m., with direct access to Highway 186.

To find out about checkpoint wait times (for both East and West Calexico) visit the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) website directly by clicking here. .

If you need information about the Andrade-Algodones crossing, click here:

It’s correct to assume that CBP protective measures and restrictions for non-essential travel remain in force in Mexico into the United States. However, there are a number of exceptions, such as the returning US citizens or permanent residents who visited Mexico. For more information on restrictions, refer to the subsequent image published by the Customs and Border Protection on their Twitter account @CBP:

Still having doubts about the Calexico – Mexicali border crossing?

For a number of days after the Ministry of Foreign Relations announced restrictions on border access from the United States into Mexico the public was left with a bit of uncertainty. Given this ambiguity, the Consul General of Mexico in San Diego, Carlos González Gutiérrez declared that health checkpoints would not be placed at the Borders (San Diego Union Tribune, 2021).

If you have questions or would like to request further information about entry and exits to and from Mexico, visit:

By continuing to guard our own personal health, participating in posted sanitary protocols and respecting the administrative guidelines of both countries, you no longer have to miss Mexico. Live it up in Mexicali.