Now that we have reached the one-year marker since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic and proclaimed an international state of emergency, there’s a bit more clarity and stability in the region resulting in Mexico’s metaphorical pandemic stoplight turning Yellow.

For months we lingered in a Red state, which meant stay-at-home orders and an abrupt halt to the economy. We aspire to reach a much less-restrictive Green state that will enable us to return to a so-called “new normal.” This new tier will allow us to produce and stimulate local businesses in the Baja Californian region. The Yellow framework doesn't stop us entirely, but it simultaneously doesn't let us lower our guard either. We must bear in mind that the coronavirus risk spectrum (no matter which color we’re in) does not mean that we’re free to walk down the streets again as though all is well. We must continue to take care of each other, continue following preventive measures and show our solidarity. Nevertheless, this color does allow us to enjoy life a little bit more, including all of the pleasant things that the city of Mexicali has to offer.

From a Red to a, now, Yellow status, you’ll note some slight differences and a few more liberties you’ll be able to indulge in again. We’ve listed them below for your convenience and to take into account on your next visit:

  • You can now visit your favorite breweries and bars (which opened at a 50% capacity) as well as casinos, indoor social venues, and meetings or events in gardens or backyard places.
  • Spring’s warm weather substantially increases the temperatures in Mexicali, and with the Yellow light in effect, residents and visitors can now enjoy pools at a 30% capacity.
  • Do you miss movie theaters, museums, stage performances, or cultural events? All these venues are open to the public with a limited capacity of up to 500 people or a maximum capacity of 50%, relative to venue size.
  • Let's not forget about shopping! This new color-coded COVID-19 status allows us to visit shopping centers, farmers’ markets, and supermarkets with a maximum of 50% capacity.
  • Exercising is essential and necessary to take care of our health. Therefore places that help us relax and enjoy life are at 65% capacity under the Yellow tier, allowing access to gyms, fitness centers, massage therapy centers, and spas.
  • We have exquisite gastronomy in Mexicali. Your favorite restaurants are open with savory regional dishes, while coffee shops are already waiting for you at 75% capacity. Stop by and have some social time with your friends!
  • While we're on the subject, hotels and accommodations in Mexicali are likewise already waiting for all local and international visitors at a 75% capacity.
  • The nickname Cachanilla (a term used to describe people from Mexicali) characterizes the way residents celebrate with loved ones. Authorities recommend limiting get-togethers with family and friends to 20 people while respecting physical distance recommendations and hosting these festivities in well-ventilated areas. Remember not to invite the whole neighborhood and keep it laid-back!

Below are a few recommendations we must always take into account no matter how favorable the coronavirus “stoplight” monitoring system progresses to; therefore, don't forget:

  • Wear a facemask at all times. We know that it may be uncomfortable to talk (and breathe) with it at times, but by protecting ourselves, we also reduce the risks for others.
  • We know that it is in our nature as Mexicans to celebrate in significant numbers, hug our friends, kiss our loved ones, embrace and enjoy family activities. Still, we must continue to maintain safe distancing and respect everyone’s personal space.
  • It has always been important to consistently wash our hands, not just before eating and after using the restroom, but each time we come in contact with new surfaces. If your hands become dry, there are excellent anti-bacterial moisturizers you can use; so there are no excuses not to sanitize them. Wash your hands as often as you encounter soap and water.
  • Always carry with you: hand sanitizers, antimicrobial sprays, disinfectant wipes, and any other product that helps you disinfect your immediate area. It’s best to presume that you will always need these products on-hand! Go ahead and carry them with you at all times.

Let's continue following these precautionary recommendations, not take them for granted, and adapt to this as a new reality. The COVID-19 Yellow light allows for many new activities that we missed for so long as we continue to take care of ourselves and not let our guards down.

Please help us promote visits to your favorite places and new exciting destinations in Mexicali while following safety COVID-19 protocols. Please share this information so that, little by little, we can enjoy what we’ve missed in the past year again.